I meet with Robert & Chris in their old dwellinghouse in Dereenatra, Schull. This house was only 700 meters from my homeplace and within the same townland, so I was familiar with this property. Also, my wife lived in this house for a few months with her family and we were dating during this time, so this house was embedded in my memories!
A house to meet their needs
From the start Robert & Chris were clear on what wanted to achieve with this design and what their budget would allow. They had four kids and the house did no longer meet their needs. Also there was some damp problems in certain parts of the house, which needed to be addressed. I was given a design brief and a few weeks later the proposed alterations and extensions were agreed and planning permission was granted three months later. Working drawings and tender documents were completed shortly after & Brian O Sullivan Construction, Goleen was appointed the builder.
The main challenge with this house was the fact that we completely demolished the roof and first floor walls and started to build new cavity walls on top of the old stone walls. A reinforced concrete ring beam was poured and away we went – onwards and upwards! You will also see from the photos that there was rock outcrops in the old floor causing major damp issues so the rock breaker had to get to work (very carefully of course!) the clients moved in 8 months after the commencement date.


Planning / Design / Project Management