This property is located in Leap, Co.Cork. My client was living in Singapore full time and there was an existing dwellinghouse on this site, which Bridget returned to a few times a year. The old ruined outbuilding was previously a dwellinghouse, but was derelict for many years and was in a poor state.
When I met my client first, I could tell that she really wanted to keep the old walls and work a new building (granny flat) around same. I think it was fair to say that most people thought we were mad and that it should be knocked. We designed the new granny flat around the old building and permission was granted shortly after.
We carefully chose a local builder (Mark McCarthy – Skibbereen) who was capable of dealing with this delicate old building and the integration of the new build around same.
I enjoyed this project as the more we were told to knock the old building, the more determined I became to keep the old walls and the character of the original dwellinghouse.


Planning / Design / Project Management