I meet with Andrea & Martin in their two storey guesthouse (Corthna Lodge), Corthna, Schull. The guesthouse had extensive damage over a Christmas period due to a burst pipe in the attic.
I was given a design brief to completely renovate the domestic section of the guesthouse and to modernise same, and a few weeks later the proposed alterations and extensions were agreed and planning permission was not required in this case as all the extensions were under the exempted size and to the rear, etc. Working drawings and tender documents were completed shortly after Timmy Barnett Construction, Schull was appointed the builder.
It was a demanding project with many difficult aspects eg structural detailing, curved stairs, time frame, etc. but I am delighted to say that the project was completed in a timely fashion. Corthan Lodge is still open today and provides a vital B&B service to the Schull area.


Planning / Design / Project Management